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From Grain to glass

Dented Brick® Distillery offers small batch, handmade spirits.

The most important part of the “craft” process is control. Control over the raw materials such as regionally sourced grains and house selected yeasts. Control over the source of water used, the foundation of all distilled spirits. Our water source is our own artesian well, located on-premise in our Salt Lake City Distillery.

Every step is done in-house – by hand, under the discerning eye of our master distiller.

Premium Rum from Dented Brick

Dented Brick® Craft Vodka

Try Utah's #1 Best Selling Vodka!

This award winning vodka is handcrafted using a unique combination of grain neutral spirit brought to proof with mineral-rich, artesian well water, creating a one-of-a-kind flavor profile.

A crisp, light-body vodka that is extremely versatile and will compliment a variety of cocktails. elevate happy hour with the unparalleled quality of dented brick® craft vodka.

Silver - 2022 Bartender Spirits Awards

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Premium Rum from Dented Brick

Moon's best® 100% rye whiskey

As Utah’s first distiller of record, Hugh Moon was producing rye whiskey for the Mormon pioneers nearly two centuries ago. Born and raised in England, he left his former life behind to journey west with the Mormon settlers.  He and his family would play a pivotal role in establishing infrastructure and commerce all over the Utah territories.

The palate is relatively mild for a 100% rye, but there is still plenty of cinnamon, clove, pepper, caramel, brown sugar, and fresh-cut oak.  With Moon’s Best® Rye Whiskey, the only thing richer than its history is its flavor.

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Premium Rum from Dented Brick

Antelope Island Rum®

Antelope Island Rum is an american white rum that offers aromas of Himalayan salt, vanilla, lime, and pineapple. The round, buoyant palate is dotted with salty notes of apricot, Asian pear, and butterscotch toffee, while the finish is long and luxurious.

92- Meredith May, The Tasting Panel June 2018

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What's all the hype about Disco-Nut Rum!?
Disco-Nut Coconut Flavored Rum began as a collaboration with the Utah Pride Center in 2020.  Crafted using sugar cane molasses from the US Virgin Islands, the resulting rum is vibrant in flavor and silky smooth.  It’s then blended with coconut syrup and brought to proof with Dented Brick’s own artesian well water before the most distinctive ingredient is added to the mix - a shimmery edible glitter, giving Disco-Nut its unique pearlescent silver coloring.  This striking spirit is perfectly enjoyed in the cocktail of your choice, sipped straight, or on the rocks.
Disco-Nut Rum Nipyata Disco Ball
Premium Rum from Dented Brick


Roofraiser Vodka is handcrafted with Cache Valley Red Winter Wheat and Pumpernickel Rye. Roofraiser sends up heady scents of vanilla bean and soothing, soft creamy white bread. Sumptuous texturally, this spirit exudes jasmine and baking spices from start until finish.

92- Meredith May, The Tasting Panel July 2017.

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Premium Rum from Dented Brick

Great Basin Bristlecone Gin®

Great Basin Bristlecone Gin is handcrafted with Cache Valley Red Winter Wheat and Pumpernickel Rye. Macerated with Juniper, Fennel, Coriander, Angelica Root and Citrus Peel creating a highly floral gin, perfect for a Martini, and a miracle of nature. In perfect homage to our namesake Great Basin Bristlecone Pines, that, at 5,068 years old, is a miracle of nature, and the oldest living non-clonal organism on Earth. A map on the back of this bottle will help you discover this true miracle.

94- Meredith May, The Tasting Panel January 2019

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Our Passion
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