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Shake it loud and proud!

Disco-Nut Coconut Flavored Rum began in 2020 as a collaboration with the Utah Pride Center and The Pride Center at Equality Park in Florida, with a portion of all proceeds from bottles sold donated to support these organizations! Disco-nut is a coconut flavored rum, flavored with real coconut, but we've added a special edible glitter. The unique inclusion of edible glitter allows for the creation of social media-worthy cocktails as distinctive as they are socially responsible. Be sure to shake it!

Made from 81% ABV light rum base distilled from sugar cane molasses in the US Virgin Islands, this sourced rum is proofed down to 25% ABV with Artesian well water, filtered through multiple charcoal filters, before being blended with coconut syrup and edible glitter.

Aroma: Sugary sweet coconut, suntan lotion, coconut candy and a Piña Colada cocktail.

Palate: Soft, dry light body and a lingering sweet coconut finish.

Finish: The finish is long and luxurious

A sweet and fruity rum perfect for hot summer days; easy drinking and highly mixable. Shake shake shake!

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Tasting Notes

This is a spirit that is by design to be mixed. Think cranberry juice, pineapple juice, lemon-lime soda, mixed together with Disco-nut makes an enjoyable and fun sparkling cocktail.   If you are looking for something that is in the coconut rum liqueur family that is superior to Malibu, this is a solid choice, and twice the fun! Be sure to shake it up!

Disco-Nut Rum Niyata Disco Ball

How To Taste

Make sure you have a clean palate (your mouth). Common palate cleaners are bread or unsalted crackers.

The first thing to look for when tasting a new rum is what it looks like. Take note of its color, is it clear or cloudy, light, golden, or dark - this can help prepare your brain for what is about to come.

Commonly referred to as "nosing," this is where you sniff the rum to soak in those delicious aromas. Short quick sniffs are best to capture different aromas. You have about 7 seconds before your nose gives up and stops noticing things, so try and identify things quickly!

The first sip is always a bit of a shock to the tongue, so take a small sip to get the light burn out of the way so you can focus on the flavors.

Take a second, slower sip, and let the rum float around in your mouth and the vapors float into your nose to identify more aromas. Here you want to look for sweetness, bitterness, spiciness, and acidity. Make a note of what you observe.

Next, take another sip and pay attention to the consistency of the rum, is it smooth, light, or thick? Does the flavor intensify or stay the same? Compare this to what you noticed previously in "The View."

Swallow the rum and pay attention to the after taste. How quickly does it fade? Do more flavors present themselves? Do other flavors disappear?