Turn your next party into a smash hit with DBD’s Disco-Ball Nipyata!

Let your inner child run free and return to a simpler time with Nipyata and Dented Brick Distillery.

Recalling a favorite pastime at childhood birthday parties, DBD’s Disco Ball Nipyata is an adult twist on a classic. While dance halls and skating rinks may be closed during quarantine, you can still capture the far-out essence of the seventies within the comfort and privacy of your own home.

It comes filled to the brim with 15 mini bottles of Dented Brick’s Disco-Nut Coconut Rum and ready to become the centerpiece of your next get-together.
What's all the hype about Disco-Nut Rum!?
Disco-Nut Coconut Rum began as a collaboration with the Utah Pride Center in 2020.  Crafted using sugar cane molasses from the US Virgin Islands, the resulting rum is vibrant in flavor and silky smooth.  It’s then blended with coconut syrup and brought to proof with DBD’s own artesian well water before the most distinctive ingredient is added to the mix - a shimmery edible glitter, giving Disco-Nut its unique pearlescent silver coloring.  This striking spirit is perfectly enjoyed in the cocktail of your choice, sipped straight, or on the rocks.

Dented Brick's Disco Ball Nipyata is the full package

Our Nipyata includes everything you need to turn your next party into a smashing success, including blindfold, bat, and hanging twine.

Don’t just throw a party - Have a ball!